Yvon Breton

Yvon Breton was born on June 15th, 1942, at Johnville, Quebec. After his secondary studies in Sherbrooke he went to the school of fine arts in Montreal from 1962-1966. In 1967 he won the Price Fine Arts Awards at the National Exhibit. In 1988 he was declared the great winner of the "Prix René D'Anjou", prestigious French honor awarded for the first time to a Quebec citizen. Painting, for Breton is the poetry of forms, the sounding colors, and the movements drawn from nature. Pictorial luminosity plays a central role in Yvon Breton’s work. Owing to the superposition of the colors, the artist creates paintings that become animated of a luminous life which, supported by an elegant choice of tones and contrasts, enchants any spectators’ eyes. For him, “there is no light without shade nor day without night” and “the artist must learn to see through his five senses, if not the six, the intimate life of nature so that he can evoke it and fix it for the spectator who, too often, from its unrestrained and mechanized way of life, lacks the time and meditation necessary to communicate with nature”.

Here are Works of Art that we have by Yvon Breton

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