Teodora Pica

Teodora Pica was born in Romania, where she was introduced to plastic art. Her homeland of infinite playground inspired her landscapes. It was her father who taught her the basics of paintings the same way his father had done it for him. Both men are known mural artists. Teodora never forgot the technique when preparing mural. She works in successive layers like the mural artist. It is at that moment that Pica's landscapes take life. It is the richness of the tons and the obscure colors given by the transparency of colors that characterize Pica’s paintings the most and that transports the audience beyond the landscape. Pica’s paintaings were exposed twice at the New York Art Exposition, at l’Espace Montourial de Moissac in France and at the Albert Stuart Fine Art Gallery in Hollywood, California.

Here are Works of Art that we have by Teodora Pica

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