Fernand Toupin

From 1955-1959, "Les Plasticiens" put forth a manifesto designed to change the face of art in Quebec. Fernand Toupin was one of the four founding members along with Louis Belzile, Jauran and Jean-Paul Jérôme. In 1955, they composed and signed their manifesto outlining their movement against the non-figurative "Automatist" style. Their goal was to replace gestural painting with more geometric, architectural compositions.

Fernand Toupin has always been a very audacious man and artist who was never reluctant to go against popular trends. This was evident early on when he studied drawing at Mont-Saint Louis College. He then moved on to the Montreal School of Fine Arts and worked in Stanley M. Cosgrove's studio from 1949-1953. He worked in several mediums including oil, acrylic, silk-screening, etching and photo-lithography. It was around 1954, that his work began to receive attention and he began to gain recognition. In 1955, the theory and ideology of "Les Plasticiens" began to guide his work, which he followed for the next for years. This artist was inspired to think and create beyond the typical dimensions of a canvas.

In 1959, Fernand Toupin moved away from formal, geometric abstraction and began experimenting with a more lyrical organic way of painting; remaining a non-representational artist. He explores the structure of texture and space, often mixing powdered marble and pigments. Fernand Toupin creates an active dialogue with his materials.

Not only is he an active painter, but professionally, he worked from 1963-1974 as the exhibition director for the Non-Figurative Artists Association of Montreal. He was invited to present his work in a solo exhibition at the Montreal Museum of Fine Art, and has held solo exhibitions at the Contemporary Gallery of Montreal; the first in 1967, followed by the one in 1974. In 1977, he was inducted as lifetime member into the Royal Canadian Academy: a prestigious Canadian artists group. Not only has he exhibited in Museums, but Fernand Toupin has shown his work in galleries all over the world. His paintings are now in the collections of The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, the Contemporary Gallery of Montreal, the Quebec Museum and the National Gallery of Canada.

Here are Works of Art that we have by Fernand Toupin

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