Serge Brunoni

Serge Brunoni was born in Lagny-en-Barrois, France, in 1938. The difficult living conditions that prevailed after World War II forced him to leave school and to begin working in a factory at the age of 14. He served the military in French Equatorial Africa between the age of 20 and 23.

Missing the vast spaces of Africa after his discharge, he decided to settle in Canada. He has been living in Trois-Rivières since 1963. Self-taught artist, Brunoni remembers that in his early years, he was always drawing and enjoying the complexity of colors. He realized his first paintings in 1970 and held his first solo exhibition in 1976. Since then, he has had solos in many different galleries mainly in Quebec and Ontario.

Three major themes can be found in his work; man within the isolation of nature, the city, and railway stations. He paints a story around each one of these themes, and they each compliment one another. The city provides a stable, populous environment; the woods suggest a return to the self, freedom and appreciation of time; the train offers a link between the two. The train also evokes the traveler in us all, especially within Brunoni, who always keeps a train ready to head some where, like a dream machine.

Here are Works of Art that we have by Serge Brunoni

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