Paul Soulikias

Paul Soulikias was born in 1926 in Greece. Paul came to Canada in 1959 and quickly settled into the established art community. He was friends with artist Jean-Paul Lemieux. Art critics, who discovered him in 1965 at his first exposition organized by the city of Montreal, praised his works for "their ravishing harmonies of color, composition, and humanism". Paul painted the Charlevoix Region in Quebec. He also painted the Laurentians, New Brunswick, and even Vermount State. He was represented by the prestigious Dominion Gallery who also carried the works of The Group of Seven. Soulikias remains a very sought after Montreal artist. The still life canvas on Red kettle is of the little table in the corner of his studio. The landscapes are of Quebec countryside. As an artist, Paul Soulikias has the gift of painting the moment between the real and the dreamy. Mostly working with oil, with a thin pictorial coat, he creates compact masses where the total impression counts more than the detail. His trees, hills, clouds, are treated as a whole and are blended together with a magnificent sense of color and composition.

Here are Works of Art that we have by Paul Soulikias

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