Normand Boisvert

Born in 1950 in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, Normand Boisvert is a self-taught artist since 1965. Ever since, many have tracked his progress from his figurative beginnings. They followed him through his black period and his period of colorful nudes, leading up to landscape, seemingly his and other artists’ true direction. The work of Normand Boisvert, is entirely original and representing a masterly display of formal clarity. His work is a marriage of the advantages of both the figurative and the abstract. In its subjects a pictorial absolute particular to abstract art is unquestionably added to familiar structure. Normand Boisvert’s approach is to let the critics observe his talent and trust the public who is never wrong. The critic either likes or dislikes, and judges art more severely than anyone else. It has been made clear from various exhibits touring the world that no one can doubt the ability of Normand’s painting to win over both art lovers and art connoisseurs.

Here are Works of Art that we have by Normand Boisvert

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