Marcel Ravary

Marcel Ravary was born in Montreal, Quebec. He studied at the Montreal School of Fine Arts. He was implicated in different artistic movements, among other in scene direction and the realization of theater settings. Since 1970, Ravary devoted himself to his art which is painting urban scenes with people. He uses the realistic style working mainly in oil but also watercolor and acrylic. He was initially a non-representational painter before turning to landscape and more figurative subjects such as Montreal’s street scenes with children playing. He has worked in theatre design and as a teacher until 1970 when he began painting full-time. He also signs his work “Ravy”. A multidisciplinary artist, Ravary has been involved in a variety of forms of artistic expression. For the last 15 years, however, he has concentrated his talent exclusively on painting. Ravary's pictorial treatment is spontaneous and sensitive. His colors vibrate in harmony. His work mainly evokes situations or souvenirs left by other people. The artist seams to be fascinated by urban architecture or rural architecture. The painter likes to work the urban scenes because he can explore the many architectural movements and the moving of the actors between the buildings. The artist wishes to make us feel the different atmospheres of the explored sites and of the activity that is concentrated in it. This impression of dynamism circulates inside of the painting, taking us to its middle and than throwing us at the periphery. His work is a life that he tends to represent in many forms. The artist proposes some idealized lavishness and magnified gardens.

Here are Works of Art that we have by Marcel Ravary

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