Marcel Favreau

Marcel Favreau was the born in 1921. Young Marcel didn't feel as though he was particularly talented, but enjoyed drawing on rainy days. Most of all, he loved music. He saved up his money and eventually bought a piano. He taught himself how to play and eventually taught young ladies in the neighborhood, which gave him some spending money.

Marcel Favreau registered at the Montreal School of Fine Arts in 1938. He spent the next four years there savoring every moment, feeling as though this path had finally allowed him to feel free. To subsidize his income, he drew portraits at a local Montreal restaurant, and painted billboards. He could barely make ends meet, so he found a steady work as a streetcar operator. By the end of the 1940's he found work at a commercial art firm. He eventually became a preacher, and traveled around the country teaching his Evangelist beliefs. He kept up with his painting, working in nearby forests or looking out his front window.

At the age of 47, he decided to dedicate himself full-time to painting. He opened a gallery on Tachereau Boulevard, but its main clients were locals who just wanted to look around; so it did not do well. He then sold his work from kiosks but settled once again into a gallery, which was eventually a success. Regardless of the mainstream tendency to gravitate towards the abstract, Marcel Favreau paints figurative representations of landscapes he found around the world. He traveled all over Canada, the United-States, Italy, France, Portugal and Morocco in order to find the right scene to capture. Stunning compositions married with luscious colors make beautiful pieces desired by collectors worldwide. He has been exhibiting since the 1960's in cities including Montreal, Los Angeles and New York. He is still painting and is a practicing Evangelist.

Here are Works of Art that we have by Marcel Favreau

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