Louis Belzile

Probably most recognized as one of the founding members of "Les Plasticiens", Louis Belzile is a multi-dimensional artist. His talents extend from painting to teaching and even hosting and producing radio broadcasts.

Born in Rimouski, Quebec in 1929, Louis Belzile traveled the world to seek out his artistic education. He ventured to Ontario in 1948, where he studied at the Ontario College of Art. He remained there for four years, and then moved to Paris where he was an intern for André Lhote. It was around that time that he began holding his first exhibitions.

Upon his return to Canada, he lived in Montreal and forged important friendships with like-minded artists: Jérôme, Toupin and Jauran. These four men became the founding members of the artist's group, Les Plasticiens. In 1955, they prepared and signed a manifesto proclaiming their goal as "the revelation of perfect forms in perfect order". This opened the door to formal abstraction, and was a significant step beyond what the popular "Automatists" were doing at the time.

The following year, Louis Belzile became a founding member of The Non-Figurative Artists Association of Montreal. In 1960, he continued to attend school to perfect his craft at the Montreal School of Fine Arts. He taught at Saint-Joseph's Teacher’s College until 1965 and even worked for the Government as the division head of Fine Art Programs. During all this time, Louis Belzile continued to show his innovative work internationally. He eventually exhibited in such places as Paris and Italy, never forgetting his homeland, Canada. Some of his paintings are now permanent fixtures in six Quebec museums, truly establishing him as a great Canadian artist. He has also been featured in newspapers and on the radio as both a guest and a host. For over twenty years, he's worked for Radio-Canada as a journalist and as a producer. His career has been a combination of several different ventures that have all made him a significant contributor and member of the Quebecer and Canadian culture.

Here are Works of Art that we have by Louis Belzile

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