Léo Ayotte

Léo Ayotte was born in 1909, at Ste-Flore, Mauricie, Quebec. He received training from the Séraphique College and the Trois-Rivières Seminary, and finally, in Nicolet. However, he is a self-taught painter. He worked for many years as a model and janitor at the Montreal School of Fine Arts, where, being in constant contact with art students and teachers, he developed his taste for art. He started painting in the 30's. By 1945, he decided to devote himself entirely to his art. In the early 50's, he became friends with the painter Alfred Pellan and writer François Hertel. During a trip to Europe in 1963, he discovered the new Realism which will have a certain influence on his method of expression. He passed away in St-Hyacinthe, on December 21, 1976. He is especially known for his landscapes, but he also took an interest in still life and portrait painting.

Here are Works of Art that we have by Léo Ayotte

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