Jean-Paul Ladouceur

Born in Montréal en 1921, He lived at Hull, Montréal and Laval. He studied at l'École des beaux-arts de Montréal, Sir George William College and Université de Montréal. Founder or head staff of Office national du film, Société Radio-Canada, France-Film, Télé-Métropole, JPL Productions, Paul L'Anglais inc. and Bélaquar Inc. After a full career in communications (film, TV, art direction, writing, and advertising), he was painting, writing, and teaching full time.

Ladouceur's paintings are in the following collections: Télé-Métropole, CN Hotels, Le Collège des médecins, the Royal Court of Holland, Wilco, Métro-Richelieu, Domtar, UNICEF, Les Mercuriades, L'Institut des Aveugles, J-A. De-Sève Foundation, and the cities of Laval, Quebec and Laval, France.

He has written and illustrated two books on TV production - "The CBC Studio Handbook" and "La couleur à la télévision".

He has illustrated many books:

  • "Un Homme et son péché", by Claude-Henri Grignonfor Stanké's publication
  • "Souffles de vie" for Capucins Congregation
  • "Film and its Technique" for the University of California

He has produced with Paul Moore of Québec a collection of limited edition prints "La Romance du vin" by Nelligan.

His illustrations have been published in Belgium, Canada, USA, and Brazil.

The first volume of the collection "Signatures" was dedicated to his career. His paintings have been published in the following art anthologies: "Le nu" (De Roussan): "Trente peintres figuratifs", "Investir dans les oeuvres d'art", and "92 transparences" by Bruens; "Le paysage" (Boulizon), and "103 peintres du Québec" (Trépanier).

Ladouceur has received the Academy of Motion Pictures of Hollywood Award, (Oscar) for Neighbors, Canadian Film Award (3), Trophée Frigon (2), Trophée des pionniers ARTA, and Canadian Watercolor Show Award.

Here are Works of Art that we have by Jean-Paul Ladouceur

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