Jean-Marc Blier

Jean-Marc Blier was born on July 24th, 1921 in St-Eleuthère, Québec. In 1929, the family moves to Montréal. With his father, Blier learns to work the wood and build furniture. While studying with his father, Blier had shown very early a strong liking for drawing. It is Alfred Laliberté, sculptor, very encouraging, who recommends to the artist-to-be to study painting. For that reason Blier decided to attend the Montreal School of Fine Arts. The war broke out and in 1941; Blier enlists voluntarily in the Canadian army where he became Lieutenant, instructor in the infantry. When he is decommissioned in 1944, he returns to the Fine Arts and to his father’s workshop. For a while, he leads a gypsy life, occasionally being a painter then a cabinet-maker putting to use the talent he inherited from his father. It is during this period that he meets Marie-Paule, his wife-to-be. A few exhibitions marked this first period of production: exhibition at the Spring Show, Montreal Museum of Fine Arts in 1950 and in 1953, an exhibition at Montreal Arts Club. In 1954 he had a second exhibition at Montreal Arts Club.

In that same year, Blier’s 62 years old father suffered from heart disease. Jean-Marc Blier decided to help him oversee his workshop, and like that became a businessman. He started out with only 6 employees. He decided to widen his range of operation towards diversification. The workshop grew by stages to finally be, in 1968, 40,000 square feet and to employ 125 permanent employees among different services. In 1968, Jean-Marc Blier is named man of the month by the magazine Commerce and in 1969, Blier inc. is sold.

Following the sale of Blier inc., at 48, Blier will spend the rest of his life to do whatever pleases him without the pressure of results or competitive deadlines. In 1970, first come-back exhibition at the Mont-Royal Arts Center; to the nature and sites scenes, Blier adds some scenes he liked to call "decorative". Many exhibitions will follow to the rhythm of 3 or 4 a year until 1978 when editor Marcel Broquet will approach him for the publishing of the first issue of the "Signature" Collection. The publishing of the book naturally led to a sold-out exhibition. Since then, and until Blier's death, many books, interviews, articles, demonstrative sessions, courses, exhibitions followed one another. In 1991, the "Société Royale Aubusson" converted into art tapestry two of Blier's paintings. He died of cancer on November 3rd, 1994. The paintings he leaves us with are exceptional. Many styles aim at different public; nevertheless, the work of Jean-Marc Blier immortalizes his vivacious soul, and his farsightedness.

Here are Works of Art that we have by Jean-Marc Blier

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