Hélène Faber

Hélène Faber was born in Québec. After her studies in Urban design at Harvard University in Boston, she completed her B.A. in Visual Arts and a M.B.A. at Laval University and she received a MD in Visual Arts in 2001.

Her first job was in design illustration. She was granted a mention from the Newspapers Advertising Bureau in New York for the excellence and the originality of her work. Faber now teaches design illustration.

Following her passion for nature and grand spaces she works in illustration for Parks Canada and le Jardin Ven Den Hende (Laval University). She also works in editing and illustrating book covers concerning Isles of the Saint-Lawrence river.

She privileges most of all the isles where she spends most of her summers. Nature, flowers, inspires and motivates her work of art. Luminosity bathes her subjects which release clear colors of a vibrant and strong nature.

Here are Works of Art that we have by Hélène Faber

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