Georges Marie-Joseph Delfosse

Marie-Joseph Georges Delfosse (1869-1939), son of Mélaine Delfausse and Joséphine Mount; painter, Portraitist, Muraliste, Draftsman, Pastel list, Illustrator and Professor, was born the December 8th, 1869 in Saint-Henri de Mascouche (Mascouche), Quebec. He died in Montreal on December 22nd 1939.

He arrived in Montreal at twelve years old and studied at the Saint-Jacob school and then the St. Lawrence college.

In Montreal, in 1884, he began at the National institute of fine arts of Joseph Chabert and then with the Art Association of Montreal with William Brymner and Edmond Dyonnet. He is in high demand and in the 90s, he founded the Canadian Company of portraits and tables to oil or National Art to answer these demands. In June 1908, he went to Paris on is honeymoon, he lives street of Beaune, and attends the workshop of Leon Bonnat and follows the courses of Alexei Harlamoff. Georges Delfosse had several pupils. He gave drawing courses. He also taught drawing to his young cousin the painter Rita Mount and the young painter Rodolphe Duguay. He gave him painting lessons and in return, Duguay worked for Delfosse in his many churches work for the decorator T-X Renaud. The painter Narcisse Poirier was also part of his teaching. Delfosse also initiated his daughter Madeleine to drawing and painting.

In 1914, he is in Paris once again to realize paintings for the church of the Very-Saint-Name-of-Jesus of Montreal. Forced to return because of the First World War, he is arrested on suspicions of being a spy, August 13, 1914, at the Havre, in the eve of his departure because he was drawing the Chicago, the boat in which he returned to the country. He was released at once. The same day, he was witness to the arrival of ten thousands British infantrymen and their weaponry. Georges Delfosse was the painter of sites of Montreal which he succeeded in “poetizing”.

The wife of Delfosse, Aline Telling, and his daughter, Madeleine Delfosse both painted.

Here are Works of Art that we have by Georges Marie-Joseph Delfosse

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