Eva N. Mosonyi

Originally from Budapest, Eva Mosonyi fled her home in Hungary for the chance at a peaceful life in Canada. She was born in 1935, and lived in Budapest until she was 19 years old. At the time she was studying at the Budapest Fine Arts Academy. That very same year, she arrived in Montreal and immediately registered to study at the Montreal School of Fine Arts. Not one to waste any time, she continued to refine her craft and paint on a full-time basis. Her medium of choice is oil paint and she expresses herself best using oils with a palette knife. As for her choice of subject matter, Eva Mosonyi typically paints scenes from life. Family is an important element in her paintings; no doubt an effect that moving from her native country imposed. One can also feel the inevitability of human nature represented in her work, simply captured by her delicate palette knife strokes. Public and private collectors from around the globe have fallen in love with her work, as well as several curators and gallery directors, which has earned her the solid reputation of being an internationally recognized artist.

Here are Works of Art that we have by Eva N. Mosonyi

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