Dominic Besner

Franco-Ontarian born in 1965, Dominic Besner was trained as an architect at University of Montreal but then turned to his true vocation, visual arts. Rather like the fairytale ending, he has been painting «happily ever after» for the past ten years. Dominic Besner’s work was originally exhibited at St-Paul Bay and in Quebec City, but today his work can be found in Montreal, in Toronto and even in Florida, as part of group or solo exhibitions.

Upon seeing Besner’s work, the viewer is struck by the obvious spontaneity of the shapes drawn in one material but then affixed in oil pastel that he spread on with his fingers. Besner enjoys working with pastel and sometimes uses a scratching technique to give certain linearity to the material so that underlying layers may be perceived.

Scratched lines accompany blended colors or are placed between light and dark shades to increase the visual impact of the work. Dominic Besner’s figuration varies from symbolic to realist. His characters include women with a stylized or sharp profile and pallid complexions reminiscent of Venetian Commedia dell’Arte masks.

Dominic Besner’s still-lifes, fewer in number than his portraits, are fashioned with a certain freedom which exudes from the colors and motifs used, along with a sensual note, as seen in the lance like petals of Nocturnes in pot. A young, self-taught artist, Besner manages to combine impulsive verve and technique to create extremely colorful art that expresses sensorial pleasure in a dreamlike universe.

Here are Works of Art that we have by Dominic Besner

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