Armand Tatossian

Armand Tatossian was born in Alexandria, Egypt in 1948. He graduated from the Royal Canadian Academy in 1973 from which he was the youngest member ever to be accepted. He studied first with the Serbian Sculptor Jose Majzner, then with the respected portraitist and muralist, Adam Sherriff-Scott. After his training in 1969, he shared Sherriff-Scott's studio as his assistant. He also studied at the Academy of Fine arts in Paris, at the Carrarra Academy in Italy, and at McGill University in Montreal. Since 1965, he is both an artist and a Professor of Art at Loyola College in Montreal and at Concordia University. He has been engaged in a systematic scene recording sight, especially of Montreal. Tatossian’s work is marked by a permanent brilliance, a clarity and almost fierce joyousness in the light and color of the scene before him. He is an artist whose palette does not include black. Tatossian's art is not really about the formal evocation of landscape but has everything to do with his encounter with the scene. His art is his interpretation of our world. He has held over a hundred solo expositions since 1968 in several important galleries in Montreal and at the Cultural Society of Quebec in Russia, in Yerevan in Armenia, in New York, Toronto and Ottawa.

Here are Works of Art that we have by Armand Tatossian

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