Albert V. Breau

Albert Victorin Breau's was born in 1941 in Moncton New Brunswick. Before his career as a painter began he was an amateur boxer, and won over a hundred fights and numerous tournaments (Golden "Gloves, Diamond Gloves, Canadian championship). As a professional, he fought fifty eight times. In 1967, he beat Fernand Simard and won the Canadian Junior welterweight Championship.

Once his boxing career was over, he started working as a blacksmith. He worked shoeing horses for a few years, until a horse broke his right arm. While his arm was in a cast, his wife Eileen bought him a little paint set from a craft shop and it wasn't long before his playing turned into serious painting. Since then, he built a solid reputation as a painter and watercolorist. Over the years he also wrote stage plays, such as "Le vernissage", which was performed in Laval; a novel, "Les ombres rouges", which was published in 1998; some poetry, and he experimented with sculpture.

Breau doesn't hold the ideological premise that life is all beauty or bliss. For that reason he seeks out rare glimpses of beauty; often infinitesimal, fleeting moments in nature, which he holds as precious and life renewing. His canvases show an intimate part of the real world. He is capable of capturing a sunset, a waterfall, or a peaceful world of snow laden solitude. Albert Breau sees art as a way of life, a way of communicating. He intertwines his inner feelings with what he sees, and paints natures’ statements fluidly on canvas. "The experiment of art is a never-ending adventure", Breau says, he never starts a project with a clear vision of reality.

Here are Works of Art that we have by Albert V. Breau

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